Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg

physician, researcher and professor in physiology from Stockholm, Sweden

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg is specialized in healthcare and the physiology of women. She is working on these subjects for more than 30 years now. She is a pioneer in the field of research of the hormone oxytocin and she was one of the first researchers who was interested in the behaviour of oxytocin (as well psychological as physiological) during birth, breastfeeding and the menopause. She is physician and professor in physiology and has started a research with focus on the healing aspects of oxytocin.

She has written more than 400 scientific articles and several books about oxytocin. The most well known book is ‘The Oxytocin Factor’.

She is a brilliant speaker who can explain very lively and clear the difficult theory of the hormone oxytocin.


Tine Greve

midwife, breastfeeding instructor and acupuncturist from Oslo, Norway.

Tine Greve works as a midwife, a breastfeeding instructor and a acupuncturist in a multi branch health care centre for mothers and babies.

After her education as a midwife at the Copenhagen Midwifery School in Denmark she started her career as midwife and breastfeeding instructor at the National Advisory for Breastfeeding in Oslo.

She worked for years in several clinics at the delivery room and the maternity ward in combination with her work as breastfeeding instructor.

In 2014 she became bachelor in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since years she teaches during the Midwifery Today Conferences, both in Europe and the USA.


Dr. Sara Wickham

Midwife, speaker, author and researcher from Avebury, United Kingdom

Dr. Sara Wickham PhD, RM, MA, PGErt, BA(HOns) is a multi-passionate midwife, speaker, author and researcher, who works independently.

She writes blogs and offers online courses, creating resources for midwives, birth workers and women and undertaking a wide variety of consultancy projects and advisory activities.
Sara’s career has been varied and includes more than twenty years of experience as a midwife, lecturer and researcher.

She is the critical author of 15 books, such as books about Vitamin K, Anti-D and induction.