‘Less is More… from fear to confidence’

Symposium 1st November 2023

After a couple of years during which many events could not take place, ENCA Nederland (the Dutch branch of the European Network of Childbirth Associations) organises a third symposium. For this occasion, we will meet one another in Cultuur- en Congrescentrum ‘Antropia’, right next to the railway station of Driebergen-Zeist. In 2018, ‘Oxytocine’ was the core theme. This year, the title is ‘Less is More… From Fear to Confidence’.

This edition, the focus will be on the role of fear and confidence during the process of birthing and being born. The speakers will, each in their own unique way, discuss how fear, stress, and trauma are connected and how confidence, empathy, and compassion can provide a valuable counterbalance. How are risks assessed and which practices are stimulating or rather undermining with regard to confidence? Additionally, in the plenary sessions and the workshops we will investigate together how both in the birthing parent and the healthcare provider personal fears can play a role and which methods can be helpful to (co)regulate those fears.
We look forward to a beautiful, varied programme that aims to invite active participation and courageous self-reflection on professional performance – welcome!

Speakers will be:

  • Ank de Jonge (Professor Midwifery Science Amsterdam UMC and UMCG, and associated with the Midwifery Academy Amsterdam Groningen)
  • Irena Veringa (will follow)
  • Nienke Stoop (holistic doctor, president of Stichting de Geboortenis, specialist BodyMind health in the first 1000 days, author of ‘Life spirit – your first 1000 days in a new light’)
  • Sylvia von Kospoth (will follow)

More information about the speakers


Below you can find the excerpts from the presentations at the symposium.



Prof. dr. Ank de Jonge


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Irena Veringa


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Nienke Stoop MD

Holistic Doctor, president of Stichting de geboortenis, specialist bodymind health first 1000 days and author

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Sylvia von Kospoth

Midwife and…?

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